About isa

Hello! I’m Isa, and welcome to my portfolio! I’m a graphic designer as well as a multi-media artist interested in ornament and architecture. I currently study how decoration and cultural expression, from inlaid stone to graffiti tags, live within the landscape of the city.

I work with Colloqate Design, a social justice-driven architecture and design firm based out of New Orleans. I also collaborated with one of their projects, Paper Monuments, a public art and history project that asks New Orleans residents what kinds of monuments they want to see in their city. Paper Monuments was modeled partly off of Mural Arts Philadelphia’s ongoing project Monument Lab, which I was a part of in 2017. I’ve also worked for Philadelphia Assembled in the Philadelphia Museum of Art, as well as ArtSphere, Inc., the Association for Public ArtFringeArts, and the Gross McCleaf Gallery. Back at Haverford, I’ve taught a student seminar on graffiti and street art. I’m also the co-president of the student-run artspace, James House. I was also a Teacher’s Assistant for Professor Ying Li for almost three years in the Fine Arts department.

If you can believe it, I started out as a science kid - and I still am one sometimes, drawing and designing illustrations for medical journals. I also work as an art editor for the National Sleep Health Journal Dr. Meir Kryger. Together, we’ve been researching the subject of sleep throughout art history.

If you’re interested in prints, commissions, or collaboration, or if you just want to chat, I’m always down, so just give me a shout out on my contact page.

So stay a while! Make yourself at home, stay safe, and have fun.

Over and out,


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