About isa

Hello! I’m Isa, and welcome to my portfolio! I’m a Fine Arts Major, Visual Studies Minor at Haverford College. I’ve been drawing since the 7th grade, when I started working with Wayne Hitchcock, a local artist from West Haven, Connecticut. My mentor for the next two years, he taught me everything about drawing the human form, from the anatomy inside to the surface.

Now, my interests are both inside and outside of the studio. I study how art works within the landscape of the city. I currently work with Colloqate Design, a social justice-driven architecture and design firm based out of New Orleans. This past summer, I also collaborated on their project, Paper Monuments. Paper Monuments was modeled partly off of Mural Arts Philadelphia’s ongoing project Monument Lab, which I was a part of in 2017. I’ve also worked for Philadelphia Assembled in the Philadelphia Museum of Art, as well as ArtSphere, Inc., the Association for Public ArtFringeArts, and the Gross McCleaf Gallery. Back at Haverford, I’ve taught a student seminar on graffiti and street art. I’m also the Co-President of the student-run artspace, James House. I’ve also been a Teacher’s Assistant for Professor Ying Li for two years in the Fine Arts department.

I studied anatomy in high school, and I worked in a biology lab at Yale for over two years. I also do medical illustration for journal publications. I also write for the National Sleep Health Journal as an art editor of the journal, working with Dr. Meir Kryger.

If you’re interested in prints, commissioning, or collaboration, give me a shoutout on my contact page!

Stay a while, check out the pictures, stay safe, and have fun.

Over and out,


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