MythMedia Studios

MythMedia Studios is an art and design studio that employs myth, media and liberation technologies to address existential concerns through creative resistance and design strategies. We apply information and imagination frameworks to the production of small scale multimedia projects, direct action tools, educational resources and original content. As a collaborator with MythMedia, I work with the Director of Design, Li Sumpter, to create their branding imagery, including their website, promotional materials, zines, and art installations.



This website goes over the information for the dozens of events, projects, and collaborations that Li Sumpter and MythMedia are a part of. Each project has their own page, and the website can be modified to reflect the most recent news, events, and upcoming projects.


The Escape Artist Mixtape: vol iii / boom4real

A zine by Li Sumpter, PhD, explores questions on how we see ourselves as resistant, ready, resilient, and reborn survivors in wild unpredictability of the future. Michel Basquiat asked what you’d do if things go “boom for real.” The zine is a part of the Escape Artist Initiative, a project of the Culture Trust of Greater Philadelphia.



These postcards were promotional materials that were distributed during the 2019 BlackStar Film Festival, and go over the most recent and upcoming projects while directing those who are interested to the new website.