Off the Wall  


Off the Wall was an exhibit I organized with Philip Reid and Colin Frederickson, with collaboration with Conrad Benner from StreetsDept. OFF THE WALL: Investigating Philadelphia's Graffiti, Street Art and Public Art presents a collection of oral histories and narratives that speak to Philadelphia’s vibrant graffiti, street art and public art communities. Interviews with seventeen artists and arts administrators are paired with photographic documentation of their work across the city in order to access and rethink the meaning, impact and value of creative placemaking in Philadelphia. Rather than producing stable conclusions, the multiplicity of voices and images gathered in this exhibition sets out to complicate dominant preconceptions about Philly’s visual landscape by hearing directly from the people who shape it. The exhibit was run during November of 2018 at Haverford College.

Below, you can look through the catalog I designed for the exhibit, featuring work from the artists and excerpts from their oral histories.


Images of the Exhibit by Patrick Moreno