Washington university

student residential experience plan

Colloqate Design worked with Washington University to develop a student residential plan based on how students’ spatial emotional experiences. They conducted several workshops in which students would cover maps of the school with 16 colors of round stickers, each one symbolizing a memory, feeling, or emotion associated with that space. There were also beacon posters set up around the school with a phone number students could text their ideas to. I created maps based off of each sticker that the students put down, digitizing their responses into a compiled map format. While I created some versions that were more like heat maps, we found that most students experiences were fairly individual, and thus a separated out dot map version was better suited to displaying the variety of emotions described by the responses.


Banner and postcard designs for Design Philly, coming up in October of 2019


Infographic describing proper use of the product

pippy sips infographic 1 recovered palm card version-02.jpg

Older brand designs for Maia